Commercial Real Estate

Multi family

  Multi family commercial real estate would be any property with more than 4 units built for people to live in. An apartment complex with more than 4 units would be a multi family commercial real estate property.
  Multi family commercial real estate is beneficial for investors who want to make bigger returns than they would normally make on single family homes.
  We understand your desire to purchase multi family properties and can assist you if you're just beginning to add multi family properties to your portfolio or if you're a seasoned investor wanting to add more aggressive properties to your investment portfolio. 


  Retail commercial real estate would be malls, strip malls, shopping centers and individual stores used for clothing, electronics or restaurants. Location is the most important factor for commercial real estate because they're more profitable in busy areas or developing areas. 


  Office buildings or office complexes are another type of commercial real estate. These are commercial properties that are designed for businesses to operate out of. Typically not to sell products out of like retail but just to run the day to day operations of a business or company. Medical offices also fall under this category.
  We'll use our local market knowledge to obtain the perfect office facility for your business needs. We'll negotiate for the most effective lease contracts or purchase agreements on your behalf. 


  Industrial real estate includes factories, warehouses, manufacturing, distribution & assembly and plants. We can find and negotiate the best value for your industrial real estate. We take on a variety of warehouse and industrial needs for private industry, government and municipalities. 

Land acquisition

  Land acquisition if you're building your business from the ground up, you'll need our expertise to iron out all the significant details for you. 


  Hospitality properties include hotels, motels, inns and other lodging properties.   
  Occasionally great opportunities arise from distressed or bank owned commercial properties that can be very profitable to add to your investment portfolio, we can assist with that as well. 

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